Master’s Research Opportunity Program

Objective of the Program

The Master’s Research Opportunity Program (MROP) is designed for Master’s students in Marketing and Digital Marketing who harbour the aspiration of advancing their knowledge in marketing research. This is an extra-curricular activity for students who volunteer to participate.

We encourage you to apply, if you are (1) motivated to learn the science behind the fundamental principles of marketing; (2) consider pursuing careers in marketing research related roles; and/or (3) if you consider applying for doctoral programs in marketing.

Participation in the program is 100% voluntary, and offers students the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with faculty in the Marketing Subject Area.

Key Benefits for Students

  • Gain hands-on research experience
  • Advance critical thinking skills
  • Enhance skills in data processing, analysis, statistical modelling, and data visualization
  • Obtain knowledge in research design
  • Upon completion, earn a digital-badge that will give you a competitive edge in the market place.
  • Enhance your suitability for research-centric opportunities in the industry and further education (e.g., Ph.D. applications).

Roles & Responsibilities for Students

  • Engage in the bi-weekly academic journal club: Read and analyse research papers, propose new research ideas, present and discuss provisional research outcomes
  • Acquire skills to ideate research questions and to execute research
  • Shadow and aid UCD faculty with their ongoing research (upon consent and interest of the faculty)
  • Complete a Research Ethics Workshop

Application Process

Please review our faculty research profiles and draft a one-page motivation letter explaining your interest in MROP. Please send the motivation letter together with your up-to-date CV to:

Students for the MROP program will be recruited every September.

Current Faculty Members Associated with the Program

Current Student Members (2023-2024)

  • Qingyang Lu, MSc in Digital Marketing
  • Shude Men, MSc in Marketing
  • Shreya Singh, MSc in Digital Marketing
  • Jovanni Salcfas, MSc in Digital Marketing
  • Huan-Chun Lu, MSc in Marketing
  • Chen Yeh, MSc in Marketing
  • Claire Read, MSc in Digital Marketing
  • Pratik Shivhare, MBA